BWG is a full service, creative brand marketing and event production collective.  We build massive music festivals, intimate brand experiences, produce worldwide music tours and everything in between.   

Our attention to the smallest details and keen understanding of the largest challenges that face our clients and their customers is what sets our team

Our diverse team of experts can answer your questions and manage the many intricacies surrounding what makes an event successful:

How do we create a unique brand experience people will love?

How do we maximize revenue at our event?

How do we improve security and minimize traffic?

How do we increase our ticket sales?

How do we bring our brand to life?

How do we develop a successful health and safety plan?

How can we save money on our union labor bill?

Powered by music, artistry and devoted to creating one-of-a-kind experiences for our clients.  We are fearless, passionate visionaries, driven by innovation and excitement.

Together, we build cities.